Surrender to the magical world of Spa rituals, soothing massage sessions and beauty treatments. Delve into the calm, letting go of stress and recharging your batteries. Santorini boasts a mystical aura that embraces and stimulates you, taking you to a journey of the senses. Whether you wish to enjoy a massage treatment in the privacy of your terrace or couples' massage therapies bringing you closer, just let us know! Contact our concierge team and allow us to suggest the most suitable treatments and services. are in Santorini!
Scuba Diving
An entire world lies on the seabed of Santorini, just like the hidden Atlantis! Thousands of years filled with volcanic eruptions and other forceful elements of nature have shaped a unique landscape. Scuba diving is the perfect water activity for a remarkable experience, discovering the curves and colorful details in a cobalt blue backdrop. Always with the guidance of professionals and with the proper equipment, you will be free to dive in the crystalline waters. In anticipation of new uncharted lands, you will come face to face with the most thrilling underwater formations. Take a dive and get ready to be amazed!
Wave Sports
Explore Santorini and indulge in its aquatic beauty! The Aegean Sea welcomes you to its treasures, introducing you to the magic of the water. A wide range of water sports on offer will make the most of your journey to the Cyclades. Jet skiing and SUP, parasailing and flyboard, tubing and canoeing are just few of the marvelous activities you will have the opportunity to try out when in Santorini. Under the guidance of experienced professionals, you will feel absolutely safe and free to enjoy the Aegean to the maximum. Choose the water activities that best meet your needs and desires, booking as per your own schedule. A whole new world of the waves unveiled before your eyes!
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