Emporio is a wonderful settlement of Santorini, located in a distance of 10 kilometers from the capital Fira. Its name reveals its former significance for the island, since it used to be the commercial center of Santorini for a long time. Emporio or else Nimporio may not be the capital, but it is still the largest village in the south. Right in the midst of the settlement, kastelli is a landmark not to be missed. 
Kastelli means castle and is of Latin origin. In the village, travelers will find structures that resemble castles and constitute the most powerful protection of the islanders against the enemy. In avoidance of threats and dangers from the outside world, the people inhabiting Emporio were driven towards creating such structures. They included all the houses of the settlement and featured high walls to keep them out of sight. Through the castles, it was nearly impossible for anyone to enter without the islanders knowing it. 
Emporio is a place where the glorious past is still prevalent. It is a place away from the crowds and the noise, yet close enough to reach all the other points of interest in Santorini. Enjoy its unique character and experience Santorini from a privileged spot on the island! 
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