Imagine thousands of colors bursting in the sky, as the sun slowly dips into the mesmerizing sea. And the sun rays shimmering on the whitewashed houses and the blue domed churches, the picturesque neighborhoods and the steep cliffs. This is the ultimate scenery of magic in Santorini, unveiling its mysteries all around you. 
Santorini is world renowned for its iconic sunset, as it depicts the core essence of romance and passion in its slightest details. Couples in love travel from all over the world, just to experience such a transcendental environment filled with sensations. Getting married at sunset is an experience on its own, saying “I do” as the sun creates this mesmerizing scenery and you admire the magnitude of Santorini beauty. 
The most famous place for enjoying Santorini sunset is perhaps Oia village. A cute settlement overlooking the Aegean Sea with panoramic views, offering the most thrilling moments of the day concentrated upon setting. Stroll up and down the lovely cobbled pathways, taking in the distinctive aura of the island. And then grab a seat at one of the cafes and drift away from the Earth, watching this marvelous spectacle!
Santorini sunset, a global phenomenon punctual and ever-charming, awaits! 
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